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A professionally translated website is often the first thing that customers see

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We translate your website into any language(s) you choose, so that you can have the world at your feet!

“Can’t Read, Won’t Buy!”

Studies have shown that most customers only buy from providers that offer website content in their own languages. Translating your website will open up your business to flocks of new visitors and attract potential online customers.


of consumers do not make any important purchasing decisions if the product and service description is not available in their native language.
Common Sense Advisory


of consumers prefer browsing websites in their own language.​
European Commission

Your website is pretty much the first thing shoppers see, and is their introduction to who you are as a company. A multilingual website lets you interact with customers in their native languages and keep them up-to-date about your products and offers. Any translation errors or inaccuracies may cause you a headache later down the line. So, for peace of mind, you should always entrust the translation of your website to professionals who can deliver outstanding quality.

At Cruz Communications, we develop solutions for multilingual websites. Whatever the language(s) and whatever the target country, we are only too pleased to translate your website and adapt your text to suit your consumers’ search behaviour. 

Turn our first-class website translation solutions to your advantage

Rapid import and export of all content

We use plug-ins in your CMS to simplify the whole translation process. Plug-ins work seamlessly with your system, so you don’t have to worry about learning a new program.

Professional team of translators

We can assign you a dedicated team of regular translators. Our global network of professional linguists means that we are able to pick and choose the perfect translators for you. All your content is then translated exclusively by your very own tailor-made team.

State-of-the-art technologies

We are firm believers in the benefits of translation memories and termbases to boost translation quality. Make your translations more consistent and save money while you’re at it.

Faster online access to your target markets

Get your content online quickly, so that all your target countries can start visiting. Our automated translation process enables us to get your translated content up before you know it.

More efficient; forget the
copy & pasting

Our technical solutions save you the trouble of laboriously entering translated content into your website by hand. A click here and a click there, and you can select, export and send your source content to us. It’s just as easy to import your content back again following a successful translation.

Save yourself time and money

We use translation memories for every translation, so when you need to update your website you only pay for the newly added content. Not only does this bring your costs down, it also saves you valuable time to devote to your core business.

What our clients say about our services:

Innovative solutions for online content

Translations in all file formats

We can translate in all the usual file formats such as MS Office formats (e.g. Word, Excel or PowerPoint), as well as InDesign formats, CSV, TXT, PDF, JPG, XLIFF, XML formats, and many others. Simply send us your content in one of these formats and we will deliver a professional translation of your website.

CMS ‒ Translations

We export content from your CMS using plug-ins. The files (XML, HTML, Xliff, etc.) can then be translated comfortably in that particular format using CAT tools. We return your translation in the same format, upon which you can import the new version back into your CMS. This process renders any preparation or post-processing unnecessary: more efficient and more economical.

Preparing content

If you can’t export from your CMS or web shop, don’t worry: we will find another way to prepare your content for translation. You see, we know a trick or two about website translation. In addition to our experienced translators, we can also count on numerous experts in other fields who are happy to lend a hand should a challenge present itself.

Translations for your web shop

Translating content from web shops is similar to website translation in that it also involves a CMS. That said, the volume of text is usually much lower and you only need to translate text blocks. Product localisation is also more of an issue (adapting measurement units, clothing sizes, typical national regulations, etc.).

A translated, localised website should be as intuitive as possible and users should be able to navigate it corresponding to regional customs.

So best leave it to the experts; get in touch with us for some non-binding advice. 

Ruby’s tip
Customer advisor

Discover how a website can be localised and translated in one easy step:

Cruz Communications helps you translate and localise your website. We are committed to providing bespoke advice for your specific project; we never rely on any but the most qualified specialist translators; and we are always available to provide guidance throughout the project. We understand that even after your website has been relaunched, there are always changes to be made ‒ and these changes usually roll over to all the other languages too. We are of course happy to offer our support here too. Your website will therefore remain up-to-date in all languages, and your customers will thank you for it. 

We also offer technical solutions designed to optimise your internal workflow and reduce the time you spend manually entering translated content. Using what are known as plug-ins, it’s a simple enough task to export and send us the content that needs translating. If you want to take it one step further, we can also take care of linking your CMS to our translation management system. This automates the translation workflow even further, so there is no manual workload. Whether WordPress or Typo3, there’s a connectivity option for every CMS. This also applies to e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. All it takes is a few clicks to send us your translation assignments from your customary software environment, and you’ll receive the corresponding translation just a short time later.

So the question still remains: what’s the difference between translating and localising web content? Localisation goes one step further than translation. In localisation, you don’t just translate the content; you make sure that consumers in other language zones and cultural regions find it user-friendly. This might mean adjusting the navigation system, the buttons, the measurement units, or the even the links.