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Marketing translations require a lightness of touch and great sensitivity. After all, not only do your slogans, catalogues, brochures and newsletters need to be translated accurately, they need to make sense too.
Messages that baffle your customers obviously won’t create the desired effect, and may even do some long-term damage. We apply the philosophy “different countries, different customs” to all of our marketing translations, tailoring each assignment precisely to different customer requirements across the globe. We want your message to land well and therefore boost your business.

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What makes us the number one for marketing translations?

The three pillars of a marketing translation

Language is a powerful tool in marketing, and it requires an extraordinary amount of sensitivity to wield it well. We believe we are up to the challenge, combining our skills with expert knowledge and creativity – the three pillars of every marketing translation.




Why it doesn’t “rain cats and dogs” everywhere

Here’s an easy example: Let’s imagine you run an umbrella business in the UK and you’d like to launch your latest model onto the German-speaking market. Your marketing team uses the expression “It’s raining cats and dogs” in the English text. So why do we examine this idiom so closely when you hire us to translate the entire text into German?

Well, our professional marketing translators need to find an equivalent idiom for “It’s raining cats and dogs” that your German-speaking audience will recognise and respond to. Possible translations might be:

Es regnet sehr stark. (It’s raining hard.)
Es regnet in Strömen. (It’s pouring.)
Es schüttet wie aus Kübeln. (It’s bucketing down.)

Our language pros will decide which of these possible expressions best fits the bill in the German-speaking world. Any additional information you can give us is very useful: Are you intending to focus on a particular German-speaking country? Because this could make a difference as to whether you opt for the word “Kübel” or “Eimer” (both mean “bucket” in English) – Austrians tend to say “Kübel” while their German neighbours feel more at home with “Eimer”. So any information you can give us in advance about your target audience or target market will stand you in good stead. This approach helps us to ensure that our translations always hit the mark – feel free to put us to the test.

We can help you translate the following marketing documents:

How do we approach a marketing translation?

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  • Project comes in
  • Project manager accepts the assignment
  • Communication managed
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  • Analysis of the source text
  • Project and files prepared
  • Calculation
  • Workflow optimised
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  • Tool management
  • Translator selected
  • Translation
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Revision by a second translator
  • Reviewer checks and handles post-processing
  • Q&A / Queries handled
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Project manager checks final version
  • Layout
  • Q&A handled by project manager
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  • Target file delivered
  • Translation memory updated
  • New suggestions entered into the termbase
  • Project concluded

Please send us all the relevant background information.

To make sure we have everything we need to deliver a word-perfect marketing translation, we very much appreciate any information you can give us about the target audience or country. The more context or additional documents you can provide, the better we can craft a translation that strikes a chord among your target audience and ensure that your message gets across.

Ruby’s tip
Customer advisor

Marketing translation versus transcreation – what’s the difference?

You could say that marketing translations and transcreations are sort of like cousins. Both deal with rendering marketing texts into foreign languages. But that’s where the similarity ends. Let’s take a closer look:

Marketing translation

  • Creative, free-flowing translation, but rooted in the source text
  • No omissions or additions of information
  • Style of the original text adopted
  • Sequence of information is retained
  • Graphics and images left untouched


  • Creative translation departing completely from the original text
  • Information may be omitted/added depending on the target market
  • Complete freedom of style
  • Sequence of information may be altered
  • Graphics and images modified according to the target market

Both services focus on crafting a free, non-literal translation of your marketing text whilst remaining true to the core message. In transcreation, however, we go one step further and create a text that is tailored entirely towards your target audience. In some circumstances it may bear very little resemblance to the original text. Don’t worry: we will provide comprehensive advice as to which of the two services best suits your needs.


We translate your brochures, catalogues, slogans and other marketing texts into your desired target language, taking into account precisely what your target audience needs to see and hear. We never lose track of your source text, as it is important to ensure that there are no gaps in the finished article. We hand-pick marketing experts with the necessary creative talent to handle your texts – an unbeatable combination.

  • Slogans
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Advertising text
  • Flyers
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters and mailings
  • Banners
  • Product descriptions
  • Marketing surveys
  • Blogs
  • and much more

The old adage “different countries, different customs” is a good way to pinpoint the biggest challenge facing marketing translations: to be successful, a marketing translation needs to be readily understood in the target country and must resonate with the target audience. Rest assured we’ve got this covered, as our specialist translators are native speakers and live in the target country. So they are pretty familiar with all the cultural nuances and subtleties that need to be reflected. Of course, it also helps to know the tricks of the marketing trade. We are proud to boast a wide network of highly qualified expert translators who know their way around this field and are very much at home with creative texts.