Terminology extraction

For a consistent language across your business!

Key factors in terminology extraction

When extracting terminology, we filter certain terms from your company documents either manually or using special software, and then put them into what we call a termbase. This is a kind of glossary that we later draw on to ensure that your corporate language is consistent across all your translations. Quality, not quantity, is what we look for here. We pay attention to:

Clear, well-defined terms

Only one term to designate a particular item


lorry, truck, commercial vehicle, HGV


Linguistic accuracy

Grammatical, phonetic and morphological rules must be observed


Corporate-identity manual

Corporate identity manual

Legal conformity

Official designation of a law or regulation


Care benefits claim

First claim for nursing care insurance benefits

Appropriateness for target group

Terms must be adapted to suit the requirements of the target group; the latter must be familiar with said terms



Sales tax

(*depending on the context)

Aims of terminology extraction

Terminology sources

Wondering where you can find useful material for your terminology work? Want to learn more about the world of terminology? Well, you don’t have to look far, as useful sources are often nearer than you think. First, take a look at existing sources, such as:

These will no doubt contain an abundance of useful terms just waiting to be entered into your terminology database. Need some inspiration from external sources? Please check out the following sites:

Glossary of the Austrian National Bank

Contains around 60,000 entries for specific banking vocabulary
Click here

IATE – Interactive Terminology for Europe

EU terminology database with over 1.2 million entries and in 24 languages
Click here

Terminology database for the University of Vienna

Created and maintained by the Centre for Translation Studies, on a range of different subjects (asylum, risk, anatomy, organ-building, government language specific to Austria, etc.).
Click here

You can do the initial terminology extraction yourself, or we can do it for you.

We’re only too happy to help you establish your basic set of terms, aided by our expert linguists. This will save you time and worry, knowing that your company terminology is in safe hands.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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