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Cruz Communications ‒ We are always on hand to help, even when time is of the essence:
competent – efficient – straightforward – reliable.

Our team

We are a team of 4 highly motivated staff members, equipped with a wealth of technical expertise, many years of experience, and a range of languages between us.

Our city

There’s no place like Vienna. We have lived in this city by The Blue Danube for many years, and we love it just as much as we ever did. We may not be Viennese born-and-bred, but we wouldn’t miss living here for the world.

Our network

Our network is our strongest asset! We make a point of nurturing our network, because we are only as good as the people we work with when it comes to delivering exceptional services.

Our story

The story of Cruz Communications is inextricably entwined with the professional career of CEO and owner Dr. Dora Saenger da Cruz. Her passion for languages and cultures, coupled with her dedication and linguistic expertise, laid the foundation that our company is built on. Alongside her trusted team, the Portuguese-born Dora set herself the challenge of turning her passion into a career. The results speak for themselves! As a lecturer in translation studies at the University of Vienna, Dora was able to build an extensive network of international experts in her quest to find qualified translators.


After nearly two decades, over 300 customers located in Austria and abroad have come to rely on the competent, straightforward, trustworthy and personalised services offered by Cruz Communications. At our office in Vienna, we take care of translation projects submitted by international companies, agencies and institutions day in, day out. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to each client’s individual requirements and wishes. Please take a look at some of the key milestones in our company’s journey:

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How it all began

1980s: The children’s TV series “Pumuckl” is broadcast in Portugal in its original version – igniting a passion for the German language in the young Dora

2001: Dr. Dora Saenger da Cruz joins the University of Vienna as a lecturer in translation studies

2004: Large PT-DE translation project for healthcare firm VAMED – the idea to go independent starts to germinate

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The foundation phase

2005: Cruz Communications is founded as a one-person enterprise

2006: A space is rented at a PR office – working from home proved less than ideal

2007: First employee hired on a part-time basis

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First steps as a businesswoman

2009: Moved into a bigger office spanning 10m2, in a shared office space situated in the 4th Vienna District

2009: New clients come aboard; to date they remain our best and most loyal customers: LKW Walter, Frequentis, Federal Ministry of Finance, to name a few

2010: Pool of 70 professional specialist translators

2010: 16 languages now offered

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The company puts down roots

2011: Reclassified as a GmbH (limited liability company)

2012: Ingo Saenger da Cruz joins the company, for his invaluable knowledge of economics and business

2013: Moved to an office spanning 100 m2 in the 7th Vienna District – enough space to grow freely

2013: 26 languages now offered

2013: Pool of 250 professional specialist translators ‒ all languages and specialist fields now possible

2013: First full-time employee is recruited

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No pain, no gain

2013: As a successful Portuguese businesswoman abroad, Dr. Dora Saenger da Cruz is awarded Portugal's Merit Award for Entrepreneurship

2014: Dr. Dora Saenger da Cruz receives her doctorate in translation studies

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We continue to flourish

2015: Second full-time employee is hired

2015: We now manage a total of 120 clients

2017: Pool of over 350 professional specialist translators

2017: We now manage over 250 clients

2019: Pool of 650 professional specialist translators

2019: We purchase a state-of-the-art, user-friendly project management system

2019: Third full-time employee hired

2019: Website relaunched

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Further development

2019: Introduction Einführung XTRF- Translation Management System incl. Client-Portal

2019: Relaunch of our website

2020: Introduction of Memsource (additional CAT tool with online editor)

2020: Expansion of our service offering with transcreation

2021: Our blog with current articles is online

To be continued…

What our clients say about us:

Words translated in 2021
5000000 +
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