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Legal translations require absolute precision and accuracy. One wrong figure or missing punctuation mark can have all sorts of ramifications, rendering your translated document unusable or invalid. Put your trust in our experience, our eagle-eyed attention to detail, our linguistic competence, and our expertise.

Legal translations – Play it safe with us

For many years we have harnessed our expert knowledge, attention to detail, and extensive experience to give clients the support they need. These three skills are the cornerstones of any professional legal translation, since this is an area that requires meticulous attention. We have long made it our principle to rely on the expertise of our legal specialists, who approach the translation of your texts with scrupulous care.

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Legal translations require extreme care, so we pay close attention to:


Example: In contracts, the German term “höhere Gewalt” is not translated as “higher force” or “greater force” (the literal translation). The correct term in English is actually “force majeure”.


Example: Laws, federal constitution systems
- Abbreviations such as “Art.”, “Para.”, “lit.”
- Figures and letters: Art. 14 Para. 2 lit. e

Legal system

Example: There may be various local laws or terms expressed within a language:
What is called a “herrenlose Sache” (ownerless object) in the German Civil Code (BGB), for example, becomes a “freistehende Sache” in the Austrian Civil Code (ABGB).

Do you need a certified legal translation? No problem! We are also experts in certified translations, and will be very happy to help you.

Not sure if your legal translation needs to be certified? It’s best to ask the recipient of your translation directly. If they are authorities or official bodies, it is highly likely that they will ask for a certified translation of your legal text. We can offer you this service quickly and affordably too. It’s always worth making an enquiry!

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We can help you translate the following documents:

So how do we approach a legal translation?

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  • Project comes in
  • Project manager accepts the order
  • Communication managed
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  • Analysis of the source text
  • Project and files prepared
  • Calculation
  • Workflow optimised
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  • Tool management
  • Translator selected
  • Translation
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Revision by a second translator
  • Reviewer checks and handles post-processing
  • Q&A / queries handled
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Project manager checks final version
  • Layout
  • Post-editing
  • Q&A handled by project manager
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  • Target file delivered
  • Translation memory updated
  • New suggestions entered into the termbase
  • Project concluded

FAQs about translations

  • Solid legal knowledge
  • Excellent language skills
  • Razor-sharp precision & accuracy at all levels
  • Your documents treated in the strictest confidence
  • Many years of experience
  • Excellent knowledge of style conventions for legal texts
  • Contracts
  • General terms & conditions (T&Cs)
  • Powers of attorney
  • Data privacy statements
  • Patents
  • Certificates
  • and much more

We are your trusted partner for certified legal translations. A certified translation is a true copy of the original. To be legally valid, it is stamped and affixed with a certification statement by the translator. In this statement, the sworn translator confirms that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original. The translation is bound together with your original document so that they form a single entity, and the original wording can be viewed at any time. This kind of translation is usually required when you are asked to present legal documents to the authorities or official bodies. Many of our qualified legal translators also work as certified court interpreters. So rest assured that we are fully equipped to take on the challenge of any legal translation – certified or not.