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“Pack out and fun it”

This mistranslation may initially seem amusing, but in technical communications an error like this is no laughing matter. Just one wrong number or word, just one omission, could cost you heavily, or even lead to machinery damage. Not to mention the fact it could have devastating, even life-threatening consequences. We are acutely aware of this – which is why we are such sticklers for accuracy when it comes to translating your technical documents.

Quality features of our technical translations

Clear technical documentation saves time and money

Effective translation management and cutting-edge tools can reduce your technical documentation costs and give you more time.

Translation memory systems

Technical documents often have the same words and phrases cropping up repeatedly. Our translation memory systems act as our second brain. They flag up previous translations and make automatic suggestions, saving you time and money over the long term.


In technical documents, standardised terminology is one of the most important factors to consider. When specialist terms are used consistently, you can expect smooth, clear translations and a much faster process.


Optimised workflows and intelligent translation processes result in the fast, efficient translation of your technical texts. In turn, this results in cost-effective prices and sustainable solutions.

From operating manuals to tutorials, our technical translation service spans all sorts of documents:

Three case studies: Typical errors in technical translations

Save costs

  • Es dürfen keine Installationsarbeiten ausgeführt werden!
  • Installation work may be carried out.

Gain time

  • Turn the knob to the right.
  • Drehen Sie den Drehknopf nach links.

Avoid image damage

  • Unpack and enjoy!
  • Auspack und freu!

Get a finished technical translation in just six steps

Artboard 11


  • Project comes in
  • Assignment accepted
  • Communication managed
  • Consulting
Artboard 11
  • Analysis of the source text
  • 10-point check list to assess the quality of the source text
  • Project and files prepared
  • Calculation
  • Workflow optimised
Artboard 11
  • Translator selected based on specialisation
  • Translation
Artboard 11
Two-person rule to check the translation
  • Reviewer checks and handles post-processing
  • Proofread for consistency
  • Q&A / queries handled
Artboard 11
Project manager checks final version
  • Layout
  • Post-editing
  • Q&A handled by project manager
Artboard 11
  • Delivery of target file
  • Translation memory updated
  • New suggestions entered into the termbase
  • Project concluded

10 tips for a tip-top source text

You can be instrumental in making sure that your technical translation is 100 % comprehensible and correct. How so? Because in no other discipline is clear, concise wording and straightforward sentences so important as in technical documentation. The clearer and simpler the language, the easier it is to reuse your content across other documents ‒ saving you costs in the long run.

Tip Example
1 Short, succinct sentences A second suction aperture equipped with a cabin filter is a necessary condition.
A second suction aperture with a cabin filter is necessary.
2 Comprehensible sentences You can retrieve the software you need for copying and further processing of documents from the field marked red in the second part of the online guide to the side.
The software required for copying and processing documents can be found in the second part of the online guide, highlighted in a red field to the side.
3 Clear links between sentences The little green light on the device must be on for one minute. Then switch it off.
The little green light on the device must be on for one minute. Then switch the light off.
4 Consistent sentence structure The device must be switched on.
Please switch the device on.
5 Consistent specialist terminology Please enter your password. Your code word must consist of at least six characters.
Please enter your password. Your password must consist of at least six characters.
6 No line breaks within a sentence Please switch the device on.
Please switch the device on.
7 Units of measurement in accordance with EN ISO 80000 minus 10 degrees C
-10° C
8 No typos or spelling mistakes Mechanical engineeering
Mechanical engineering
9 No superfluous abbreviations MQL
Minimum quantity lubrication
10 No filler words Here you can adjust the screen brightness, among other things, as well as the colours.
Here you can adjust the screen brightness and colours.

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FAQs about translations

  • Solid technical expertise
  • Qualified technical translators who specialise in technical fields
  • Razor-sharp precision & accuracy at all levels
  • Understanding of style conventions
  • Consistent terminology
  • Clear and unambiguous formulations
  • Adjustment of measurement and numbering systems
  • Knowledge of, and adherence to, the norms of technical documentation

To give our technical translations a head start, we need a source text that is clear and easy to understand. So please take our quick check to see whether your text ticks all the boxes.

We have a long career in translating different technical texts – so we can offer our services in numerous sectors, from engineering to transport and logistics. To do so, we rely on the experience of our specialist translators who are all native speakers.