Medical translations

Specialist medical knowledge coupled with surgical precision

Translations in the medical field

Our medical translations are founded on expert knowledge, precision, and experience. These three pillars are fundamental in the world of medicine. Expertise and a meticulous approach are the bedrock of any medical translation – and let’s not forget our experience spanning many years.

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The five pillars of a successful medical translation

We have long been a trusted partner for many companies working in various different branches of medicine. We bring to the table the necessary experience and expertise – the foundation of a successful medical translation. You can also expect proficient language skills and thorough proofreading by a second translator who also specialises in medicine and is also a native speaker. Put your text in our capable, experienced hands!

Our specialist fields for medical translations

Medical infrastructure

Medical technology

Dental medicine




Medicine is a highly sensitive and challenging subject that demands the best. We have forged excellent relationships with seasoned language professionals who have a background in different branches of the medical sector.

A crucial aspect to consider in medical translation is the target audience: specialists, laypersons, or other groups. This can make all the difference in how your text is translated.

Please let us know whom your text is destined for when making your enquiry or placing your order. This will help us craft translations designed specifically for certain groups, thus helping you benefit from a customized result.

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How do we approach the translation of a medical text?

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  • Project comes in
  • Project manager accepts the order
  • Communication managed
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  • Analysis of the source text
  • Project and files prepared
  • Calculation
  • Workflow optimised
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  • Tool management
  • Translator selected
  • Translation
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Revision by a second translator
  • Reviewer checks and handles post-processing
  • Q&A / Queries handled
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Project manager checks final version
  • Layout
  • Post-editing
  • Q&A handled by project manager
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  • Delivery of target file
  • Translation memories updated
  • New suggestions entered into the termbase
  • Project concluded

FAQs about translations

  • In-depth medical knowledge
  • Excellent language skills
  • Accuracy & precision at all levels
  • Collaboration with experts in medicine
  • Many years of experience

We have a wealth of experience in translating various medical texts: from general medicine and plastic surgery through to medical technology, we can negotiate a variety of specialist fields. We have every confidence in the experience of our specialist, native-speaker translators and in the vast knowledge of our medical experts.